What is Clinical Research?

  • Clinical research is a mechanism through which we can find new modalities of treatment where the standard of care has exhausted the current ways to treat these types of cancers

Why Participate in Clinical Research?

  • You might be asking yourself why you would consider going through a treatment that the outcome or side effects are not known
  • That is a good question. It is important to understand that the research studies do not just come from nowhere. There is always basic science behind that research and before any study gets to the clinical trial stage, it usually would have undergone about more than 10 years of benchmark research to create the investigational product
  • Before any investigational drug is made available for clinical trials, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reviews the preclinical data and science through an investigational new drug application submitted to the FDA by the drug company. As a matter of fact, all the new modalities of treatment that we have now went through clinical trials
  • All clinical trials are very well scrutinized and organized through laws and bylaws. The medical teams managing the trials assess them frequently before the trial starts, shortly after, during the trial, and after the trial to ensure safety of the participants
  • All clinical trials always monitor side effects through any phases of the clinical trial to ensure safety is maintained for all participants
  • Many of these clinical trials do not make it to the surface if there is evidence of side effect profiles that outweigh the benefit to the participants
  • When a study is promising and the investigator feels it is positive, the potential participant will have the background information to read more about it and make an informed decision. If the participant chooses to participate, he/she could be the first one to get the benefit of the study drug before anybody else
  • As a matter fact you may have heard about immune therapy. This therapy was used in clinical trials for so long and now it is the most important modality of treatment for many types of cancers and solid tumors. Immune therapy is now the modality of treatment that has shown wonderful success that we never had before through the ages of treatment of cancer

You might be asking yourself, should you participate in clinical trials?

  • Clinical research participants are monitored very closely. By participating in clinical trials you can try to help yourself get an opportunity of a new treatment and in so doing, help other by opening the window to new modalities of treatment
  • Most people like to be able to have the goodwill to donate their body parts when they are no longer alive, but this is not the case here. When you choose to participate in clinical trials, you are actually donating information so it can potentially help you and many people around you

Interested in participating in Clinical Research?

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